Pace Packaging are based in Fairfield NJ USA and have been manufacturing world class Plastic Bottle Unscrambling Systems for 40 years. Pace feed a wide variety of containers at rates of up to 700 bottles per minute.  With over 4,000 machines in 90 different countries around the world, Pace has the experience you can rely on to handle all of your unscrambling needs.

Bottle and Jar Unscramblers

Pace Packaging offers an established range of linear unscramblers to handle plastic containers. They are universally-suited for all packaging industries, most notably in: beverage, dairy, water, juice, food, household products, personal care, pharmaceutical and lubrication products.
Bottle Orientors
Pace Omi-line plastic bottle orientors have earned a worldwide reputation for reliability, versatility and performance.  Omni-line orientors can handle off-centre neck bottles, F-style bottles, trigger sprays, bottles with external handles, bottles with interior handles, silk screened bottles and other odd shaped bottles.


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