The Clevertech group, based in the north of Italy, designs, manufactures and markets engineered front of line and end-of-line solutions. Clevertech operates in a range of different sectors, including food & beverage, home care, pet food and personal care and have numerous systems operating with major consumer goods manufacturers worldwide including Australia and New Zealand.

Since its founding in 1987, Clevertech has proved itself to be more than just a manufacturer of machinery: the company’s impressive growth is due to their proactive approach to customer service, offering complete solutions for industry. They offer a complete range of palletising and depalletising systems designed to satisfy the most demanding market requirements in terms of productivity and product specifications.

Case Palletisers
Clevertech have a range of palletisers for cases, bags, cans and drum. These include layer style palletisers and robotic palletising systems. They range from low speed compact units to high speed machines as well as multi line systems. Clevertech also supply complete end of line solutions with stretch wrapping and pallet labelling.

Clevertech T Rex Palletiser

Can and Bottle Depalletisers

Clevertech’s range of standard and robotic depalletisers can handle empty bottles, jars and cans as well as full cans. For low and medium speed lines robotic solutions provide the most flexibility and can be configured to depalletise four different products at the same time.

Clevertech Multi Line Depalletiser

For high speed depalletising Clevertech have a range of hybrid depalletisers capable of operating at high speeds up to 10 layers per minute. These can also provide various configurations for the collation of layer sheets, top frames and pallets.


Retort Basket Handling Systems
Clevertech can provide complete retort basket handling systems. These include retort basket loaders and unloaders with integrated can and pouch conveyor systems and basket conveyor systems incorporating shuttle cars and basket tippers. The basket handling systems can also be integrated with basket tracking to ensure processing integrity.

Clevertech Retort Basket Loader


Clevertech Retort Basket Unloader


Can End Handling Systems and Can Palletisers
Clevertech have a range of empty can palletisers, can end handling and palletising systems for can end manufacturing as well as can end feed systems for can seamers.


Clevertech Can End Snake Palletiser


Clevertech Empty Can Palletiser


Pick and Place Case Packers
The Clevertech TL series is a compact range of Pick & Place case packers designed to pack various types of products into RSC cases, trays or crates. The sturdy frame and the heavy duty 2 axis gantry robot make the TL the ideal equipment for 24/7 industrial packaging operations.


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