Zilli & Bellini is based in Parma, Italy and was founded in 1962, and is now one of the largest Italian manufacturers of filling equipment for the food industry.
Zilli & Bellini has a wide product range including telescopic fillers, vacuum fillers, piston fillers, gravity fillers, multifillers and seamers. Zilli & Bellini can also provide monoblock systems with either cappers or seamers.

Zilli & Bellini provides equipment world wide and exports over 80% of sales with over 1200 machines installed in 73 different countries.

Rotary vacuum fillers and rotary gravity fillers
Zilli & Bellini vacuum and gravity fillers are suitable to fill liquid or semi-liquid products, with or without pieces, into empty or already pre-filled containers with tuna fish, peeled tomatoes, fruits, pulses, vegetables, ravioli, mushrooms, meat, etc.

Vacuum  filler                                                                                 Vacuum filler seamer group


Rotary piston fillers
Zilli & Bellini piston fillers are suitable to fill volumetrically all pumpable products and can handle a range of container types including cans, jars and bottles with a filling capacity up to 5 kg. The fillers can operate at speeds from 10 cpm to 2,200 cpm. They can be provided with a full CIP system.


Piston filler and seamer monoblock                                  Automatic cleaning systems for pistons                        Rotary Piston Filler


Telescopic fillers

Zilli & Bellini telescopic fillers are suitable to handle a wide range of products, from free flowing granular types to whole peeled tomatoes.

Standard pocket filler                                                      Filler with vibrator


Zilli & Bellini multifillers are suitable to handle products including fruit cocktail, fruit salad and vegetable salad.

Multifiller with 3 stations                                          Two bowl monoblock pocket filler

Can seamers
Zilli & Bellini can seamers are designed to seam a wide range of round containers and can handle metal and composite containers. Zilli and Bellini have a range of can seamers from single head to 12 head and are capable of operating at up to 1200 containers per minute.

Can seamer for beverage products               10 head can scanner


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