TG Packaging

TG-Packaging is based in Belgium and since its start in 2006, TG-Packaging has ensured reliable and quality packaging operations at its customers’ facilities. First by maintaining and repairing existing machines. Later in life, TG transitioned from just service and maintenance to engineering and producing high-quality packaging machines including X-Fold Wrappers and feed systems.

These days TG-Packaging partners with over 1000 customers worldwide. These customers rely on TG-Packaging for their high-performing, reliable packaging solutions.

X-FOLD Wrappers

The X-Fold Wrapper is equipped with multiple control systems to ensure the highest level of efficiency, continuity and hygiene. With models with operational speeds of 90 products per minute and features like: Splicer, clipper, corrugated paper, flex diameter version, … it is the fastest and most advanced X-fold machine available on the market.


Feed Systems

TG -Packaging also have a wide range of feed systems can be integrated with the X-Fold on-edge infeed system.

Ensure a smooth and consistent flow of products into your desired packaging machine with TG Packaging’s versatile assortment of feeding solutions. As efficiency is only as high as the weakest link, the right feeder can be a great asset in optimizing your production.