Steritech are based in Alsace in France and have been a world leader in thermal processing innovation for 25 years. Steritech designs, manufactures and integrates innovative sterilisation and pasteurisation systems for all types of packaged food and beverages.

Steritech quickly established itself as an expert for thermal processing solutions. Already a pioneer in 1988 with retorts with the preheated air system, the proportional valve and control systems on industrial PC’s Steritech continues its technological leadership with new continuous systems the CHS, the CPS and the Serial Tower.


The Steritech VAP’R Steam/Air retorts are the most efficient, fastest and economical on the market, designed to sterilise and pasteurise all types of packaged products: meats and sausages, baby foods, ready-to-serve dishes, fruit, vegetables and pet food.
The Steritech VAP’O Steam/Water spray retorts are the most economical solution to sterilise and pasteurise all types of packaged food and pharmaceutical products.

The Serial Tower (Continuous Retort System)
The Serial Tower is the first continuous system with back pressure on the market specifically designed to pasteurise and sterilise all types of flexible and fragile packed products, from small quantities to more significant quantities
The Serial Tower has a compact footprint and energy savings of up to 25% compared with conventional retorts.


Continuous Hydrostatic Pasteurisers (CHP) and Continuous Hydrostatic Sterilisers (CHS)
The CHP and CHS from Steritech revolutionise continuous pasteurisation and sterilisation for large volumes of product by enabling you to control the pressure and temperature in the different areas of the machine. The CHP and CHS are suitable for all types of packaging. The CHP can operate at temperatures up to 130°C with over pressure up to 4 bars. Both the CHP and CHS can handle a range of products including pouches and tubs.




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