Feed Systems

TG -Packaging also have a wide range of feed systems can be integrated with the X-Fold on-edge infeed system.

Ensure a smooth and consistent flow of products into your desired packaging machine with TG Packaging’s versatile assortment of feeding solutions. As efficiency is only as high as the weakest link, the right feeder can be a great asset in optimizing your production.


The Countfeeder enables users to form slugs of on-edge products with a specific amount or “count” of products. Perfect for Ricecakes, Corncakes, Biscuits, … You name it. In combination with the CM90, CM60 X-Fold Wrappers, you have the perfect line for on-edge packaging.


VSF – Volumetric Slug Former

The VSF or Volumetric Slug Feeders enables users to form slugs of a specific measurement. This allows for consistent packaging even when the product has a variation in thickness. Think Biscuits, Cookies, … In combination with a CM90, CM60 X-Fold Wrapper, this is the perfect line for on-edge packaging of variable products.