Numafa Cleaning & Automation are based in The Netherlands and are a market leader for cleaning systems for the food processing industry. Numafa has a single goal: to provide optimum certainty for you and your business. This is why they leave nothing to chance.

Numafa produce an extensive range of industrial cleaning systems. They also produce a range of handling equipment and can offer integrated cleaning and handling systems.

In relation to the cleaning of your products, Numafa apply the theory of Sinner’s Circle. This allows them to achieve the best possible cleaning results by  applying the four components ‘contact time’, temperature’, ‘chemical energy’ and ‘physical energy’ in the right proportions.

Numafa will design the cleaning system in such a way that all of the products washed comply with the HACCP rules in full.


Crate Washers
The food sector works with hundreds of different crates for a huge range of purposes. Including small, large, square, long, foldable and stackable crates. Numafa have an industrial cleaning and handling system suitable for all of these variants.


Pallet Washers
The same applies to pallets as to crates: they come in all shapes and sizes and are used worldwide in huge quantities. Whatever types of pallet you use, Numafa have or can design a cleaning system suitable for them.

Container Washers
Numafa also offer several highly effective washing methods for the cleaning of containers. This includes continuous and intermittent machines ranging in speed from 25 to 100 containers per hour.



Parts Washers

The Numafa NPW range of cabinet washers is designed to wash a relatively low quantity of small parts and or tools to be washed. Due to the compact design and simple operation, this machine can be easily integrated in your facility.


Custom-made Washers
Numafa’s knowledge and experience is not restricted to washing applications for crates, pallets and containers. On the contrary, they see the cleaning of all types of product as a challenge, and have made this their area of specialisation. Over the years, they have developed cleaning systems for jerry cans, sheets, cutting boards, lids, moulds, barrels, buckets and much more. If you have a product that has to be cleaned in large quantities, it is worth your while to talk to us.



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